Growing Beyond Fear

By Teresa Adair, Executive Director

Published May 26th, 2015

I find myself in these cold March days feeling the winter blues and experiencing anxiety and worry. I’m fearful about performing the tasks set before me in my life professionally and personally – I’ve let paralysis take hold. Outside my window, however, I see the green grass, blossoming trees and the natural peace and beauty of creation. It’s spring – someone’s suddenly changed the clocks!

Fears keep you from moving forward

What would it look like if the trees were afraid? The air would be without the sweet smell of blossoms, and the wind would blow listlessly without the sound of a bird’s song. Yet, here I am afraid. I have allowed myself to be caged within fear. My fears, ignited by what I worry I may face, keep me from moving forward.

So, I ask myself: “What do I know for sure?” Well, I’m certainly not a tree. I know I will never be totally without fear, yet I can have courage and purpose, and with that combination, allow myself to move. I lean on the words of an incredible spiritual teacher, Louise L. Hay, and repeat an adaptation of one of her mantras: “I am safe and I trust this process of life.” Like the tree, I move. I sprout. I grow, blossom, and create. I soon find myself beyond what I thought possible -- well beyond the barriers of fear I once set before myself.

I am safe and I trust this process of life

When I look at a serious illness, and the paralyzing grief and fear therein, I remind myself and those on the journey of caregiving that they are safe and to trust in this process of life. The powerful fears and anxiety that accompany serious illnesses are nightmarish, but even the simplest kindness can wash away fear. A hug, and the reminder that “you are safe,” can cast away the fears and doubts that seem unconquerable.

Grow. Create. Give

Do not let fear and doubt cage your life – you are meant for so much. You are safe. Trust in this process. Just like the tree: grow, create and give. Grow to reach further into the lives of those around you. Create new hope and kindness, and give to your loved ones, family and friends by being the safe place for them.

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About the Author

Teresa Adair Crossroads Hospice Charitable Foundation Executive Director

Teresa Adair

Executive Director

As Executive Director, Teresa Adair is responsible for all aspects of policy and partnerships for the Foundation. She has a passion for hospice and an admiration for the people who support it. Teresa has been involved with the Crossroads Hospice family since its inception in 1995.

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