Crossroads Hospice Charitable Foundation is proud to support women's heart health at the Lafayette County Women's Heart to Heart health forum!

Lafayette County Heart to Heart Health Forum

Lexington, MO | March 28, 2015

In partnership with Lafayette County, MO

Crossroads Hospice Charitable Foundation brings end-of-life care education, grief recovery, and caregiver support to Lafayette County at

Our booth served as the central education hub for end-of-life care, grief recovery, and caregiver support.

Early detection of heart disease and heart-related illnesses has a profound impact on the ability to treat and prevent heart disease before its progression. Heart disease is the number one leading cause of female death in the United States, totaling more than 20% of all deaths in women. In the pursuit of prevention, we at the Foundation were proud to sponsor the Lafayette County Heart to Heart Health Forum for Women.

The Heart to Heart Health Forum for Women, hosted at Lexington High School in Lexington, MO, offers women in the Lafayette County area the opportunity to receive free heart and blood pressure screenings, sample and learn about heart-healthy meal options, and learn about grief recovery and the importance of end-of-life care. In addition, Crossroads Hospice’s own Vickie Mears, Community Education Liaison, led four workshop courses on "Stress Management and Your Health" for all women and caregivers in attendance.

We cherish this opportunity to educate the women and caregivers of Lafayette County and the surrounding communities. Our ability to provide free health screenings, educational workshops, and promote quality end-of-life hospice care is made possible by your generous donations and giving spirit. We thank you for your donations and your continued support of our mission to promote quality end-of-life care, education, and grief recovery.


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