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Crossroads Kids Camp activities are designed to help grieving children express and understand their emotions and work toward healing.

Camp Activities

Therapeutic Music & Play

Outdoor Group Play

Play is the work of children and is a powerful force in helping children reclaim normality after the death of a loved one. By having children engage in group outdoor play activities, children are able to see that other children, who have also lost loved ones, are able to embrace one another, have fun, and simply play.

Play is the work of children. Outdoor play activities help children engages with others who have lost loved ones and helps them see that they are normal and worthy of love and friendship.
Music and dance allows grieving children the opportunity to express themselves and enjoy a fun, silly time with other children who have lost a loved one.

Music and Dance

Like other forms of art, music and dance allow children a nonverbal way to express their grief and to connect with others. Whether making music on wacky instruments, dancing to silly songs, or listening to peaceful music during relaxation times, music and dance help children have fun, express their emotions, and connect with others.

Team Building Games

Often after the loss of a loved one, children withdraw inward and close themselves off to others. They may cut off connections with friends, close relatives, school mates, and spend the majority of their day alone.

At Crossroads Kids, team building games and activities play an important role in helping children once again connect with others. Whether it’s seeing how high they can stack cookies or helping their teammates pull their hardest in tug-of-war, group-oriented games let our campers see that there are children just like them who want to be their friend, and that they are worthy of friendship.

By working together as teams, children learn that they can depend upon others, others can depend upon them, and that they are worthy of friendship and love.

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