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  2. 9th Annual Cass County Senior Health & Resource Fair

9th Annual Cass County Senior Health & Resource Fair

Harrisonville, MO • April 18, 2019

Crossroads Hospice Charitable Foundation table at the 9th annual Cass County Senior Health and Resource Fair in Harrisonville, Missouri

Thanks to your donations, our team had the opportunity to share educational end-of-life, grief support, and caregiving resources with hundreds of seniors and healthcare providers!

One of the cornerstones of our foundation’s mission is providing free end-of-life, grief recovery, and caregiver resources to communities throughout the United States. This year, made possible only through your giving, you enabled our teams to provide free education and support at the 2019 Cass County Senior Health and Resource Fair.

At the fair, seniors from all across the Cass County, Missouri area gathered to learn about the grief recovery and support resources made available to them through our foundation, as well as other helpful resources accessible through other community care providers. During these visits, many of these same seniors also talked with us to learn how they could be of compassionate comfort to those on the end-of-life journey through hospice volunteering opportunities.

We were also fortunate to have the opportunity to share our foundation’s mission and educational resources with local nursing homes, home health providers, and hospitals -- enriching the quality of the care and insight they offer to their patients who may be facing a terminal illness.

We are thankful for the opportunity we were given to serve Cass County and the hundreds of other communities that your donations enable us to reach. Donors like you are truly the lifeblood of our foundation and your gifts directly impact the lives of caregivers, the terminally ill, and grieving children and families throughout the country.

This Event's Impact

Impacted 100+ Attendees

Impacted 12+ Healthcare Organizations

Provided Free End-of-Life Education

Provided Free Grief Support

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