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Supporting Stewart's Caring Place: Giving Hope to those on their Cancer Journey

Cleveland, OH • February 6, 2015

Jane Miller (left) and Brian Webb (right) present Olivia Wakeling (middle) $10,000 in support of Stewart's Caring Place.

Our mission is to support the organizations and caregivers that exemplify quality end-of-life care and education, and give the highest level of care to their patients and loved ones. When facing terminal illness, personalized care and support services that are focused on the patient and their wishes maximizes the comfort of the patient at end of life.

Our dear friends at Stewart’s Caring Place exemplify such compassion, care and support for those diagnosed with cancer. Stewart’s Caring Place provides a caring, relaxed environment offering supportive services and programs for individuals and families on their cancer journey.

In support of their dedication to quality care and education, we have given $10,000.00 to support Stewart's Caring Place in their efforts to provide outreach and programs for those facing cancer. Jane Miller, Assistant Executive Director of Crossroads Hospice of Northeast Ohio, and Provider Relations Associate Brian Webb were overjoyed to present the funds to Olivia Wakeling, Executive Director of Stewart’s Caring Place.

Your generous donations allow us to give to programs that provide compassion, comfort, education, and quality end-of-life care; without your heart of giving, none of this would be possible. We are privileged to support Stewart’s Caring Place and their commitment to supporting those on their cancer journey.

This Event's Impact

$10,000 in Support of Stewart's Caring Place

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Over 90% of our funds are used to support the mission of hospice.