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  2. Strongsville Grief Support and End-of-Life Therapy Education Seminar

Strongsville Grief Support and End-of-Life Therapy Education Seminar

Strongsville, OH • May 19, 2016

The Strongsville, Ohio community was in full turnout for the educational end-of-life and grief recovery seminar.

Providing community grief support and end-of-life education are two of the keystone missions of our foundation, and we had the honor to do so among the people of Strongsville, Ohio. On May 19th, Michaud’s Event Center was host to our community educational seminar and Q&A session on the impact of spirituality and art on the end-of-life and grieving processes.

Our chaplains, seasoned grief recovery experts, shared how spirituality can play such an influential role in shaping one’s grieving process and the end-of life journey — shaping how death is prepared for, how it is discussed among family and friends, and how death itself is perceived. The chaplains were also accompanied by two of our art and music therapists, who shared how the arts can have a profound positive effect for both the grieving and those nearing the end of life.

We are proud to have been able to serve the people of Strongsville. We look forward to again providing their community, and others like it, with quality grief support and end-of-life education.

This Event's Impact

Raised $575.00

Provided Grief Recovery Support

Provided End-of-Life Education

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