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Committed to Excellence: Oklahoma Center for Nonprofits Membership

Oklahoma City, OK • May 26, 2015

In our mission of promoting quality end-of-life care for the terminally ill, and as a nonprofit charitable foundation, we hold ourselves to high standards concerning your donation dollars, how they are used, and our transparency in their use. In pursuit of this, we have joined an organization that shares the same ideals of transparency and dedication to openness as we do: The Oklahoma Center for Nonprofits.

We first sought out the Oklahoma Center for Nonprofits after learning of their Standards of Excellence program. This program, established as an ethics and accountability code for the nonprofit sector, helps empower nonprofits to meet the highest standards of operations. This strict code of ethics, dedicated to transparency, thoroughness, sustainability and accountability, wholly resonated with our core operating principles and practices. “What we truly learned is how much we were already doing right,” states our Executive Director, Teresa Adair. “Our goal is to make sure we’re operating at the Standards of Excellence and above.”

Our passion for supporting quality end-of-life care is made possible by your generous donations. We have steadfastly committed ourselves to being the definition of transparency in our operations and use of your donation dollars. We desire not only for quality end-of-life care to be supported and uplifted, but for it to be done in a manner that resonates with integrity and openness. We are extremely grateful for your gifts, and are looking forward to our future with you in our commitment to the Standards of Excellence.

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