Create a Facebook Fundraiser

1. Create Your Fundraiser

Head over to the Foundation's Facebook page and click the + Create fundraiser button.

2. Get Started

Once the fundraiser pop-up shows up, click Get Started to begin.

3. Search for CRHCF

If it's not already selected, search for Crossroads Hospice Charitable Foundation on the search bar.

4. Select CRHCF

Select Crossroads Hospice Charitable Foundation from the search results.

5. Set Your Fundraiser's Goals

Choose the amount you would like to raise and the date you would like to raise that amount by.

6. Tell Your Story

Wether you've been a caregiver to a loved one or are just passionate about hospice, your story is what will help bring in donations the most.

7. Upload Your Cover Photo

Download the cover photo from below and click Edit to upload the cover photo.

Download Cover Photo

8. Tell Your Friends!

Your fundraiser is up and running! Now tell all your friends and family the good news!

We're Focused on the Mission

Over 90% of our funds are used to support the mission of hospice.