What is Crossroads Kids?

Crossroads Kids is a 3-day, 2-night camp that helps grieving children and their families learn, heal, and grow after the death of a loved one. And in 2017, we began this journey of healing with the children and families of Kansas and Missouri.


Getting Ready

Our credentialed staff and Camp Buddy volunteers arrive at Crossroads Kids Camp and eagerly begin setting up. We can’t wait for our campers to arrive, meet the staff and their Camp Buddies, and receive all of their neat camp gear!

Thanks to donors like you,
each child recevied:



Our campers and families are here! We start by getting our campers checked in and set up with their camp gear while our camp staff members visit with families.

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Meeting Our Buddies!

Our campers meet their Camp Buddies! Crossroads Kids Camp Buddies are there to listen, play, and always be by their camper’s side throughout the weekend.

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Santa Surprise

Santa and Mrs. Claus are here! Coming all the way from the North Pole, they come to remind our children that they are loved, deserve friendship and kindness, and are simply the best kids ever!


Buddy & Camper Pledge

Our campers and buddies make a very special promise to one another: To always be there for one another and to always have each other’s back.

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Looking at How We Feel

Together, campers and buddies talk about all of the different emotions we might feel when a loved one dies. And then we write out our feelings on the Feelings Wall.


Campfire & Gooey Snacks!

What’s a camp without a nightly campfire and snacks? Our campers and their buddies roast marshmallows, share stories, and share even bigger laughs!

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Journaling &
Story Time

Before going to bed, we take a little time out to journal our thoughts and feelings and reflect on everything we’ve learned throughout the day.

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Real Talk with Giant Jenga!

For one of our first activities of the day, we learn how our parents, friends, teachers, and other loved ones can be a support system for us and can be a big help when we have bad days.


Talking Sticks

Together we’re making Talking Sticks! Decorating them with flowers, glitter, stickers, paint, and more, they remind us of precious memories with our loved ones. We also use our sticks as a reminder that everyone’s feelings are valid and that we all deserve to be heard.

This Craft Helps Grieving Children:


Boxing with Coach Sherri!

1-2-3! Dip! Jab! Jab! We learn that physical activities and exercise can be a fun, safe, and healthy way for us to process our feelings. Coach Sherri stops by to show us how to box like a champ!

Learn Why the Camp Environment is Ideal for Healing


Making Memory Boxes

Our memory boxes hold precious heirlooms, pictures, and other items that remind us of our loved ones. We use paints, stickers, glitter, and so much more to make our boxes beautiful!

Learn How Arts and Crafts Help Kids Grieve


Lunch Time!

After a long day of fun arts, crafts, games, and activities, it’s time to fuel up! Sitting down with their Camp Buddies, our campers get charged up, share laughs, and get ready for the rest of the day.


Funky Photo Booth!

With our goofy hats, giant sunglasses, and kitty-cat ears, it’s time to shine in the limelight! With their Camp Buddies by their side, our campers dress up in their silliest costumes and get ready for closeups!


Pet Therapy Puppies!

Some of the cutest dogs ever come to visit! While enjoying the loving and soothing companionship of the therapy dogs, our campers open up to our staff and Camp Buddies about how they’re feeling and the memories they treasure.

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Outdoor Fair

Our campers enjoy some simple outdoor play time! Play is integral for helping grieving children feel normal and connecting with one another helps remind them that they are loved and worthy of the friendship of others.


Face Paint & Dance Contest!

Even if the rains start to pour, the fun and learning doesn’t stop! We’re back inside and seeing who’s got the most happenin’ moves on the dance floor!


Full Tummies,
Happy Campers

It’s dinner time! After a day of fun activities and crafts, it’s time to chill out, grab some grub, and share good times with great friends!

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Luminary Ceremony

Made in honor of their deceased loved ones, our campers place their luminaries into the Circle of Love while Chaplain David shares how our loved ones are always with us in our hearts and memories.


S'more Fun!

With our last campfire of the weekend, we close it out with a campfire classic: S’mores! Ooey-gooey marshmallows and chocolate make these all too good and the perfect companion to a night of fun and laughs!

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Rise & Shine!

On our final day at camp, we’re up and at ‘em with a hearty breakfast. Our campers are so excited for their parents to arrive. We can’t wait to share all we’ve learned together!


Broken Pots Made Whole

Just like these broken garden pots, we can sometimes feel a little broken ourselves. But when we lean on our friends and work together, we can heal, grow, and become stronger than ever.

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Parent Debrief

While our campers pack up, our staff members hold a parent debriefing. During this time together, our staff provide parents with the tools that they’ll need to help their children continue learning and healing after returning home.


Campers & Families!

Our campers are so excited to show their parents everything they’ve created and all that they’ve learned. Before heading home, we each place our painted thumbprints on the Memory Tree to remember our time at Crossroads Kids.

More Than a Camp

Crossroads Kids is an environment of unconditional love, acceptance, and healing. We truly couldn’t do this without donors, partners, and volunteers like you. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for all that you continue to do to make this camp possible for the grieving children and families we serve.