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Our Crossroads Kids camp help children begin to open up and understand that they aren't alone in their grief. Our camp helps provide children with the knowing that they are worthy of love and that others are there to support them.

Camp Activities

Group Sharing & Peer Support

Group Sharing & Learning Sessions

Throughout our campers’ stay at Crossroads Kids, we take time to pause and reflect upon what we’re learning and share what we’re learning with one another in the safety of the group. Whether it’s learning that it’s okay to be sad, that it’s normal to be angry, or that it’s okay to still enjoy life after a loved one’s death, it’s shared within the compassionate atmosphere of peers and credentialed staff.

By sharing thoughts, feelings, discoveries, and emotions within the safety of a group setting, children gain the understanding that they aren't alone in how they feel and that others are there and willing to support them.
Our campers take a journey through nature to find small objects from nature that reminds them of their loved one. This helps reinforce to the campers that the memory of their loved one is all around them and that to begin enjoying life is the greatest tribute they can give in memory of their deceased loved one.

Memory Nature Walks

During our memory walks, our campers find items in nature that remind them of their loved ones and the memories they share. After finding their colorful flower, uniquely-shaped rock, or anything that may remind of their loved one, our campers share with one another the significance of their item and the memories that it holds.

Getting outdoors and breathing in the fresh air alongside their peers can allow children time to reflect and see how there’s so much beauty to enjoy and experience in the world, and that their loved one will continue to be with them no matter what.

Forming Lasting Friendships

After children experience loss, it’s common for them to begin to socially withdraw and shut out others. When children are given a safe place to share how they truly feel, without fear of judgment from peers, siblings, or adults, their ability to form bonds and meaningful friendships is reignited. Once campers see that they’re not the only one struggling with loss and that they don’t have to begin their healing journey alone, they create incredible, lasting friendships.

One of our ultimate goals is for campers to form lasting and supportive friendships with one another as a result of the camp. These friendships, forged in compassionate understanding, are a constant source of support as they continue on their grief journey.
Your donations help our campers come together and form lasting friendships forged in compassionate support and understanding.

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