On October 13th, 2016, we embarked on a journey of healing with an amazing group of children and their families.

Getting Ready

Let's get to work! Our highly-trained staff and volunteers get ready to receive our campers and families.

Friday, 6:00PM

Our team (including Thing 1 and Thing 2!) double-checks our campers' allergy sheets and medication schedules.

Friday, 6:05PM

Our staff and camp buddies get all supplies ready to go for the campers who will be arriving soon.

Friday, 6:15PM

Hoodies, T-shirts, and other goodies are all ready to be given out to the arriving campers and families!

Our Campers Arrive!

Woohoo! Let's get our campers checked in, matched with their camp buddy, and let's have some fun!

Friday, 6:55PM

Our campers — alongside their parents — get checked in, meet their camp buddy, and get settled in for the weekend.

Friday, 7:15PM

Our campers are paired with a camp buddy (like Jordan here!) who is alongside them throughout the entirety of the weekend.

Friday, 7:30PM

On our first night, everyone gets to know one another. Arts and crafts are a great way to open up communication and make new friends.

Smore Time!

Gooey, tasty, marshmallow-y and delicious. It's smore time!

Friday, 9:30PM

Throughout every activity, and every step of the way, our campers are alongside their trained staff buddies.

Friday, 9:04PM

Laughter, memories, and fun fill the night air on our first night at Crossroads Kids.

Friday, 9:50PM

Our camp buddies start winding down the fire pit as our first night at Crossroads Kids draws to a close.

Saturday Morning Breakfast

Hello, Saturday! We're up, at 'em, and ready for some grub on our first morning at camp!

Saturday, 8:30AM

Breakfast time is an awesome opportunity for our campers to get to know one another better and connect with other grieving children.

Saturday, 8:50AM

Meal times provide opportunities for our campers and their buddies to talk about grief, loss, and their late loved one.

Saturday, 8:55AM

Breakfast also makes a platform for insightful debate -- who is the strongest Pokemon, anyway?

Crafting Memory Boxes

Together, our campers make memory boxes - lasting tributes to the memory of their late loved ones.

Saturday, 9:45AM

Each camper, alongside their buddy, makes a memory box that's decorated with items, cutouts, and drawings that remind them of their loved one.

Saturday, 9:50AM

Every camper is encouraged to share with their buddy what special significance their memory box holds for them.

Saturday, 9:55AM

Many of our campers loved to work together on their memory boxes, showing one another different designs and cool patterns!

Making Luminaries

Together, we craft loving tributes that we set into the lake, later in the evening, in memory of our loved ones.

Saturday, 10:15AM

Each camper puts incredible effort into making their luminary a loving tribute in memory of their loved one.

Saturday, 10:30AM

While creating their luminaries, our campers talk and work with one another, sharing their experiences and forging lasting friendships.

Saturday, 11:00AM

Throughout the camp experience, campers and their buddies form incredible bonds. Campers begin to share their grief journey with their buddy and the pathway for healing communication begins to open.

Outdoor Game Time!

It's time to chill out, take a break, and have some fun out in the sun!

Saturday, 11:15AM

After working on the luminaries, campers and their buddies take a time out for some fun games and some outdoor physical activity.

Saturday, 11:30AM

Red light! Green light! Outdoor play, like a game of "Red Light, Green Light!" helps open up the pathways for communication, bonding, and healing.

Saturday, 11:45AM

It's Ga-ga-ball! Watch out! Don't let the ball hit you below the knees or you're out!

Afternoon Indoor Fun!

Whew! It's time to cool off with some fun indoor activities.

Saturday, 12:20PM

Cooling down with some quiet board games and arts and crafts opens up the door for communication between the campers. Allowing kids the time to share and bond is key to opening the path to healing.

Saturday, 12:30PM

Every activity gives campers and their buddies a chance to grow closer together and allows our camp buddies the opportunity to better know their campers' struggle with the loss of a loved one.

Saturday, 12:45PM

Dance party! Nothing like movin' and groovin', laughin' and dancin' before lunch!

Lunch Time!

Time to nab some grub, chow down, and fuel up for the rest of the day's activities!

Saturday, 1:00PM

We are so thankful for the staff who cooked every delicious meal and kept our buddies, volunteers, and campers well fed throughout the weekend!

Saturday, 1:15PM

Our campers don't waste any time when chowin' down — these burgers and fries are way too good to pass up!

Saturday, 1:30PM

Mealtimes are a bonding and sharing experience. Each camper and their buddy is together for every meal, creating moments of sharing, laughing, and healing.

Team Challenges!

Campers and their buddies group up into teams and compete against one another in wild and wacky challenges!

Saturday, 2:00PM

Each challenge is wacky, but is always sure to bring out the smiles and giggles across the faces of campers and staff alike!

Saturday, 2:15PM

Carefully ... carefully... Hold the stick steady in your mouth and stack the dice as high as you can!

Saturday, 2:30PM

Speed is the name of the game! Grab your straw, grab your cup, and suck up as many Skittles as you can!

Wacky Photo Booth!

Don your tiara, boxing gloves, and fairy wings — it's time for your close-up!

Saturday, 2:45PM

Campers and their buddies partner up to see who can create the wackiest costume combinations!

Saturday, 2:50PM

Santa with a Viking beard? Check. A Disco bandit? Mhmm. A glittery fairy godmother? Double-check.

Saturday, 2:55PM

Remember: You might have some angry days, but it's always more fun to throw kindness like confetti!

Memory Trail

Our campers journey through nature to find objects that remind them of their loved one, their life, and their love.

Saturday, 3:15PM

No camper is ever left without a friend and a buddy to talk to. Alongside their camp buddy, each camper sets out to walk the trail and find an object that resonates with their memories of their loved one.

Saturday, 3:30PM

The Memory Trail creates incredible opportunities to stop, reflect, and share what you've discovered along the way.

Saturday, 3:45PM

After everyone's found an object, we all get together, take a seat, and each camper takes time to share what their item means to them and the memories that it invokes.

Outdoor Fair!

Tons of games, prizes, and a dunking booth!? We're in!

Saturday, 4:00PM

Our campers are some incredibly creative kids! Alongside their buddies, our campers transformed our campgrounds into a beautiful work of art!

Saturday, 4:15PM

Go! Go! Go! At the tug-of-war arena, campers pull with all of their might to claim prizes and, of course, bragging rights!

Saturday, 4:30PM

A strong arm, careful aim, and an overwhelming desire to dunk Camp Buddy Tyler into the ice-cold water made the dunking booth an absolute hit!

Dinner Time!

After a ton of outdoor fun, our campers and buddies simmer down and grab some grub.

Saturday, 5:45PM

Our campers form a neat and orderly line as they scoot through the dinner line. Everything the hard-working cooks prepared looks so good!

Saturday, 6:00PM

During dinner time, campers and their buddies enjoy spending time in quiet conversation with one another. Having a loving friend who you can always talk to is something everyone needs.

Saturday, 6:45PM

That dinner was absolutely delicious! Now it's time to make sure we've cleaned up after ourselves, got our buddy, and that we're ready to head over to the luminary release!

Luminary Release

A tribute to our loved ones. A beginning to healing.

Saturday, 7:00PM

Chaplain Kevin leads our luminary release ceremony and reminds our campers that all of our loved ones live on in our hearts and in the love we give to others.

Saturday, 7:15PM

Every camper is right alongside their camp buddy who's ready to listen, love, and simply be there for them.

Saturday, 7:30PM

As each camper prepares to launch their luminary, they share the loving memories of their loved one that they will carry with them forever.

Saturday, 7:45PM

Chaplain Kevin speaks with each camper and assists in placing their luminary into the still waters of the lake.

Saturday, 8:00PM

A calm and silence envelops the camp as each luminary floats calmly down the lake. With each camper drawing close to their buddy, memories are shared, and tears freely flow as the night draws to a close.

Sunday Breakfast

We're up, at 'em, and ready for breakfast on our last day of camp!

Sunday, 8:30AM

As our campers and their buddies begin to trickle in, it's time to settle that debate: Who would win if Spiderman fought Godzilla?

Sunday, 8:45AM

Breakfast time is the perfect time to talk about that wacky dream you had or that time you actually ate a grasshopper!

Sunday, 9:00AM

Meals always offer a special time of one-on-one communication for our campers and their buddies.

Sunday Fair

You can't end camp without a big outdoor bash! It's the Sunday outdoor fair!

Sunday, 10:00AM

Our campers transformed before our eyes into fierce tigers, super-cool superheroes, and beautiful fairy princesses!

Sunday, 10:15AM

Be as quick as you can! Stack 'em up, stack 'em down, and back up again in record time -- it's the speed-stacking challenge!

Sunday, 10:45PM

Touchdown! So many of our campers are such incredible athletes and quicker than greased lightning!

Closing Ceremony

As parents arrive, it's time for the closing ceremonies.

Sunday, 11:15AM

Our campers show their parents what they've learned throughout the course of the camp — including some super-silly songs!

Sunday, 11:30AM

Our campers, after a weekend of learning, healing, and growing, share what they've learned with their parents.

Sunday, 12:00AM

Each one of our campers places their thumbprint on our Memory Tree, forever commemorating their time with us at Crossroads Kids.

Help Us Bring Healing

All of this was made possible by donors like you. Your gifts, of any size, help us give grieving children and their families a place to learn, heal, and grow.