On September 23rd, 2016, we embarked on a journey of healing with an amazing group of children and their families.

Friday at 6:00PM is check-in time for our campers! Staff and volunteers are on-hand to welcome our awesome campers and their families!
Our campers start rolling in at 6:00PM - ready to have fun alongside our staff and volunteers!

Friday, 6:00PM

Our team members get the children and families checked in, ready to go, and help them get situtated for the night. It's a big day tomorrow!

Memory boxes are a craft project, that our campers make, that house the keepsakes and treasured memories of their deceased loved ones.
Crossroads Kids Grief Camp campers make memory boxes in honor of their deceased loved ones.

Saturday, 10:00AM

We're up and at 'em! Campers' first activity of the day is making memory boxes. The childrens' memory boxes hold keepsakes and precious memories of their late loved ones.

Up next, it's time to head outdoors for the Crossroads Kids challenge course!
Our Crossroads Kids campers put their skills to the test in our outdoor challenge course!

Saturday, 1:30PM

Get ready! It's time for the challenge course! Working with others, building trust, and learning that any challenge in life can be overcome together is what it's all about.

Next, our Crossroads Kids campers head inside to create their Messages in a Bottle.
Each Message in a Bottle is a loving note, the unasked questions, or the messages left unsaid between our campers and the loved ones they have lost.

Saturday, 4:15PM

Thoughts not spoken and words left unsaid — our campers craft messages in a bottle to their deceased loved ones, letting them know how much they will always love them and hold their memories dear.

It's time for our Crossroads Kids campers - and staff - to unwind and take a minute to chill out! It's hammock time!
Our Crossroads Kids staff and campers unwind for a little bit in these way-too-cool camp hammocks!

Saturday, 4:45PM

Whew! After a long day of learning and creating, it's nice to take a breather. What better way to chill than in classic hammock style?

As we bring Saturday evening to a close at Crossroads Kids Camp, we hold a luminary ceremony where our children honor their loved ones with personally-crafted luminaries and begin the healing journey.
Each one of our Crossroads Kids campers release a luminary in memory of their deceased loved one.

Saturday, 7:30PM

We wind down Saturday with a luminary release ceremony. Each child, with luminary in hand, shares something special about their loved one's life, memory, and how they will forever be in their hearts.

It's Sunday - our last day of camp! Parents, grandparents and other significant adults come to see their children, look at all of the amazing crafts they've made, connect with staff, and to learn what their children learned about healing and moving toward grief recovery.
Our Crossroads Kids campers show their parents and grandparents their amazing crafts!

Sunday, 11:30AM

Parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and other significant adults in our campers' lives join us for a live arts n' crafts show and tell! Our campers are proud as peacocks showing off their beautiful creations!

As our Oklahoma Crossroads Kids camp draws to a close, we end our camp with our closing ceremonies.
Our Crossroads Kids campers listen to a reading of The Fall of Freddie the Leaf, hang their memory bracelets - made in honor of their loved one -  in the memory forest, and prepare to head home.

Sunday, 12:30AM

In our closing ceremony, our campers adorn the trees in our Memory Forest with braclets they made in their loved one's honor. We end the ceremony with a reading from The Fall of Freddie the Leaf.

Donate to Crossroads Kids and help bring healing to chidlren and families grieving the loss of a loved one.
You can help bring the gift of healing to grieving children and families. Your donations of any amount help incredible campers like these understand their grief, form loving connections, and begin the healing journey.

We're so thankful to our donors who made all of this possible. Your gifts help us give grieving children and their families a safe place to learn, heal and grow after the death of a loved one. We'll see you next time!