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Crossroads Kids Camp activities are designed to help grieving children express and understand their emotions and work toward healing.

Camp Activities

Therapeutic Arts & Crafts

Memory Boxes

Filled with heirlooms and mementos of their loved one’s life and memory, our campers create memory boxes to honor and remember their deceased loved ones. The memory boxes give the children a tangible reminder of how their loved one will always be with them and that the memories they shared are treasures that will never be lost or forgotten.

Our campers create memory boxes, filled with keepsakes and treasures that remind them of cherished memories, that serve as a timeless tribute to the life and memory of their deceased loved one.
Our campers create memorial lanterns in honor of their loved one's life and memory, and during the last night of the camp, our campers release their lanterns into the lake to serve as a reminder that their loved one lives on in their hearts and memory.

Lantern Release

Each of our campers makes a memorial lantern in remembrance of their deceased loved one. During the last night of our camp, we hold a special lantern release ceremony where the campers share with each other their memories of their loved one that they hold in their heart. Then, together with our staff chaplain, they release their lantern into the still waters of the lake, symbolizing the eternal bond they share with their loved one and their beginning down the path toward healing.

Memory Plates

Using a beautiful array of paints and other materials, our campers create memory plates. These plates are the canvas for each camper’s feelings. No matter how a child may be feeling at the time, the memory plates allow each child a nonverbal way to express their emotional state, share their feelings with others, and begin to process their emotions.

Using a plate as a canvas, our campers create beautiful works as a loving tribute to the life and memory of their deceased loved one. The plate painting allows the children to express however they may be feeling and their memories and emotions surrounding their loved one.
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