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Dennis & Carol K. of Fort Pierce, FL

In loving memory of John K.

“For both my mother & sister, Crossroads Hospice was thoroughly focused on the patient & family. The generosity of time, services, support, & comfort was 24/7 if needed. It was important to me as the caregiver, to know I was not navigating end of life issues with my loved ones. Having volunteered for Hospice of the Western Reserve....your organization is head & shoulders more involved & collaborative. What a blessing it is to know people can choose such excellent care at a difficult time.”
Dennis & Carol K.

Dennis and Carol, thank you for such a beautiful message. We're so honored to have you as a part of our community and to have been a help for you and your family. Gifts like yours are the lifeblood of all of our efforts. Thank you so much for your outpouring of generocity and for empowering us to help even greater numbers of people on the end-of-life journey.


Join Dennis & Carol in bringing grief support and end-of-life education to your community.

Dennis & Carol's Gift Helped Provide

Caregiver Support

End-of-Life Care Education

Grief Recovery Support

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Over 90% of our funds are used to support the mission of hospice.