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Bill “B.V.” Vaught

A Legacy of Generosity and Love

Bill "B.V." Vaught of Tulsa, Oklahoma memorial and obituary image

Bill “B.V.” Vaught, husband to Chair of Crossroads Hospice Charitable Foundation, Debbie Vaught, recently passed away on May 5th, 2019. The Vaught family is dear to our Foundation, and for all who were close to B.V. and Debbie, this is a time of mourning, reflection, and drawing close to friends and loved ones.

As we reflect on the life and memory of B.V., we think of his tremendous legacy: A legacy of selfless generosity and boundless love that continues to bless his friends and family, our Foundation, and countless lives throughout Oklahoma and beyond.

Exemplifying generosity, B.V. was always the first one to extend his hand and heart toward others — uplifting and supporting all who were blessed to know him.

All throughout this week, we continue to see the impact of B.V.’s generosity, as more and more stories of his kindness pour in from friends, colleagues, small businesses, and community organizations.

Whether they are as simple as a brief conversation that brightened someone’s day, a small gift, or support in hard times, these stories show how genuinely B.V. lived his life in service to others — always bringing life, joy, and light.

Above all, B.V. was a loving man. And no matter where you look, you see B.V.’s undeniable legacy of love.

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You see his love in the careers of colleagues he mentored and in the impact of organizations he helped grow.

You see his love in the lives of his friends, whom he always treated like family, and in the stories they tell of the laughs, tears, and memories they shared.

Most of all, you see his legacy of love in the beautiful family and life he and Debbie created together — a family that gives selflessly and loves endlessly.

For us, we’re blessed to see the impact of B.V.’s love every day. We see it in the smiling faces of our Crossroads Kids campers, one of our programs which he and Debbie supported tirelessly, and in the transformed lives of those grieving children and families.

B.V., we thank you. Thank you for your tireless effort, selfless support, and unconditional love. Thank you for helping us transform the lives of so many children and families.

From all of us at CRHCF, thank you for being you and for your indelible legacy of generosity and love.

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