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Spiritual Tips for Living More Comfortably with COPD

Inflammatory lung disease causes obstructed air flow. Similarly, when spiritual exchange between oxygen and carbon dioxide becomes impeded our spirit dysfunctions. Achieving a wholesome spiritual quality of life reduces the risk of irritability and pessimism. Proper management of disease may lower discomfort and increase longevity. It is said that we hold firm our faith. On the darkest days of suffering, then, our faith holds us.

Symptoms of Spiritual COPD

  • Decreased activity on low energy days

  • Difficulty sorting out faith issues

  • Desiring to hold on to spiritual tradition

  • Expressing negative statements and emotions

  • Spiraling distrust of faith

  • Possible loss of faith

Causes of Spiritual COPD

  • Development of negative personal philosophy

  • Unrealistic faith expectations

  • Absorption in societal faith fads

  • Neglect of group affirmation of faith

Spiritual COPD Risk Factors

  • Extended exposure to detrimental belief systems

  • Dependency on deficient early training in faith development

  • Failure to actively pursue personal spirituality

  • Substitution of dependencies in the place of faith

Complications That May Develop from Spiritual COPD

  • Infectious negativity about faith

  • Hindering others from seeking a personal faith

  • Depression that causes loss of desire to live

  • Hyperemotional demand for change

How to Prepare for Spiritual Guidance

  • Identify some of the symptoms of dysfunctional faith

  • Determine when faith became less meaningful

  • Desire a faith-supporting environment

  • Recall what worked in the past

  • Find faith factors each day

Helpful Faith Factors

  • Exhale what is detrimental to your spiritual growth

  • Open your spirit to truth

  • Inhale positive faith statements frequently

  • Manage the worst days by deeply breathing grace and forgiveness

  • Allow for spiritual surgery to remove deep moral wounds

  • Nurture your spirit through prayer and meditation

  • Find a friend with whom to share spiritual insight and change

Living with spiritual COPD is a challenge. Those who suffer with physical COPD tell us “When you can’t exhale, it makes it difficult to inhale.” Vital spiritual breathing exercises accomplish two things: exhaling impurities such as strife, ill temper, selfishness and arguing; inhaling the blessings of happiness, patience, kindness and self-restraint. Your spirit life will take on new meaning even on the hardest days when it is difficult to breathe.


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