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Treating Heart Failure of the Soul

What we treasure most is where we focus our attention (heart). Treasuring earthy things generates attention to things. Good treasure translates into cultivating relationships. The tyranny of the urgent draws us away from conscious reflection to nurture the soul.

What is heart failure?

What is Heart Failure?

Physical heart failure means that the heart pumps in a weaker than normal rate. Congestive heart failure displaces the blood to the liver, abdomen, lungs or lower. Systolic, the top number of a blood pressure check, measures contracting force of the heart muscle moving blood through the body. Diastolic, the bottom number, measures the ventricular relaxation as blood enters the heart. Irregular or inadequate pumping and filling (out/in) of heart activity and rest fails to meet the body’s needs.

Signs of Physical Heart Failure

Some signs of heart failure include: shortness of breath, weakness, lack of appetite, irregular heartbeat and fluid retention. Other symptoms are persistent cough, urination at night, decreased alertness and lack of concentration.

Causes of Physical Heart Failure

Causes for heart failure are a result of coronary arterial disease that blocks oxygen distribution, heart muscle damage, high blood pressure or the effect of other diseases. Healthfulness depends on heart function, symptoms and response to a treatment plan or surgical procedure. Avoid detrimental medications. Those who experience heart failure should follow a care routine that allows doing enjoyable activity.

Heart Healthy Living

Healthy eating, moderate exercise, weight control, rest, prevention of infections, using medications as prescribed are effective measures by which to live. Maintaining low blood pressure and fluid balance, limiting salt intake, discontinuing use of tobacco and alcohol and lowering stress contribute to health.

How you can understand your spiritual heart

Understanding the Spiritual Heart

The soul (spiritual heart) care gleans some lessons from physical heart failure. Concentration on wholesome thoughts, kind emotions and helpful behaviors are primary results of the soul. Caregiving 24-7 while maintaining other areas of life challenge making time for attentiveness to soul care. Conscious hours are spent thinking about the daily tasks. Dealing with illness on a daily basis without breaks is emotionally draining. Care is affected.

Indicators that Spiritual Heart Care is Needed

Some of the indicators of the need for some soul time are: impatience, fatigue of spirit, lack of reading inspirational material, worship, and prayer, inconsistency, and neglect. Dysfunctional flow blocks spiritual oxygen, weakens sensitivity and inhibits performance. Soul health suffers.

Healthy Spiritual Heart Care

Some suggestions to sustain healthy soul care are: reading inspirational materials and gazing at the sunrise. Weigh in on the positive, rest and displace spoilers of spiritual joy. Discontinue depressive thoughts and identify at least one blessing during the day. Diligently take care of your soul. Consistent intake and outflow of the spirit takes conscious effort. From healthy soul care emanates knowledge, understanding and wisdom for you and for your loved ones.

Carry a heart that never hates
A smile that never fades
And a touch that never hurts

Help bring comfort, healing, and hope.

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