Our Foundation's Story

In 1995, before there was a foundation, there was Crossroads Hospice. Grateful family members and friends of patients expressed their appreciation for Crossroads' care in the form of financial donations. These funds were given to promote hospice care for others and to share knowledge of hospice philosophy of care. Crossroads could not accept funds directly, so these donations were passed along to a foundation outside our local communities.

Funds grew, along with awareness that our donors would prefer their contributions be used in the communities where their loved ones had lived. In 2003, Crossroads Hospice Charitable Foundation was formed to assure this promise could be kept.

Serving the Mission

Providing End-of-Life Education

As our Crossroads Hospice Charitable Foundation continued to grow, we focused our efforts on educating communities about the end-of-life. The terminally ill, their families and friends, caregivers, and those in grief joined us for educational seminars, therapeutic workshops, and support groups. Incredible moments of connection, compassion, and healing punctuated our continued growth as we pushed forward in service of those on the end-of-life journey.

Our Vision Expanded

Healing for Those Forgotten

While continuing to serve the mission of providing end-of-life education, our hearts and minds were made to realize the need of those forgotten: The children whose grief goes too often overlooked. Made possible only by the incredible support of our donors, we launched Crossroads Kids in 2015 — a 3-day, 2-night healing camp for children and families in grief. As Crossroads Kids continues to grow, and our educational mission alongside it, we look forward to your joining us in our journey through 2018 and beyond.

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Over 90% of our funds are used to support the mission of hospice.